Green-Roofing Guidelines, 2008 (Download)

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Guidelines for the Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Green Roofing, 2008

1. edition 2008, DIN A4, PDF-file, 122 pages

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Background and content:

The FLL - Green roof guideline is the standard regulatory work for the intensive greening, simple intensive  greening  and  extensive  greening  of  already  sealed  roofs  and  building  covers.  It  also contains details of care and maintenance work to the greened areas and service  information  for the technical installations. The FLL - Green roof guideline is also valid for other greening works on roofs and building covers (e.g. special  tree plantations, useable grassed areas and other usable areas). Due to  the special requirements of these works, deviations  from parts of this regulatory work and the examination of other object specific regulatory works may be necessary. The FLL - Green  roof guideline complements  the appropriate standards of  the Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations – VOB – and the German Standards Institute – DIN – for landscape contractors.  This  applies  to  the  execution  of  soil,  planting  and  lawn works  (soft  landscaping)  and  the associated maintenance.  

Great  detail  is  paid  in  the  guidelines  to  the  fundamentals  of  planning,  the  requirements  of  the construction  to be greened,  the demands on building materials and plants,  regulatory statutes, required  testing  and  contractual  obligations.  Furthermore,  the  possible  types  of  greening  and their functions and effects are demonstrated. The appendix contains orientation figures for bearing loads and water storage, testing methods, and the FLL – method for examining the root resistance of root protection membranes and coatings. 

Further Information (Main chapters):

Area of Validity/Purpose; Standards and other Guidelines and Codes of Practice; Types of Greening  and  Forms  of Vegetation;  Functions  and Effects; Requirements  related  to Construction  and Materials; Technical Requirements (Construction); Requirements  for the Construction of Vegetation  Areas;  Drainage  Course;  Filter  layer/fleece;  Vegetation  Support  Course;  Requirements  of Seeds,  Plants  and Vegetation;  Plants  and  planting; Development  care, maintenance,  servicing; Erosion protection; Warranty, periods of limitation; Testing; Appendix 1 – Informative orientation values  for  load  bearing  and water  storage, Appendix  2  –  Investigative methods  for  vegetation substrate  and  drainage  aggregates  for  green  roofing, Appendix 3 –  Procedure  for  investigating resistance  to  root  penetration  at  green-roof  sites  (1999  edition,  with  editorial  changes  dated 2002/2008)